Manage repairs

Manage repair requests and track your status


Comments. Allow your inquirers to file their repair requests online. Answer to request more information or to organize a visit. That easy.

Monitoring of the state. Notify your tenant that your application is being processed.

Notify your tenants when the management is finished.

Manage the expenses of repairs so you can deduct and save at the time of making the declaration of income.

Enter and track your own work orders and recurring maintenance, or allow tenants to place their own repair requests via your tenant portal.

Maintenance issues are inevitable and happen at all hours of the day. Using Rentger's Online Portal, your residential, student housing, and commercial renters can submit maintenance requests directly to their property management company at their convenience.

Residents can enter a detailed description of the issue, select whether the property manager has permission to enter with their key, and click Submit Request. It’s that easy! They can then check the progress of their request as it moves from received, to scheduled, to completed.


Maintenance requests & equipment tracking
Manage and store one-time and recurring visual maintenance requests and assign those to your local ServicePros online. Set service reminders to schedule things like smoke detector testing or quarterly walk-throughs. Communicate with tenants and professionals on every issue.

Tenant can submit maintenance request with a picture or video and track it's status through the completion. Renters can submit requests for maintenance repairs. Renters can check the status of their requests online.

Landlord can choose whether they want to handle the maintenance request themselves or get bids and hire a PRO. Stay ahead of rental property maintenance and repair issues, cut costs and boost owner and tenant satisfaction. All this from just one, integrated solution.

Attach files
The ability for tenants to share the issue with you and include pictures and videos help narrow down the problem faster, so you don’t have to drive there yourself. Tenants can see the status and communicate without ever having to make a phone call. Landlords, tenants and service professionals can all coordinate for the best time if a visit for repair is needed.

Connect with Service Pros
You can fix the issue yourself or assign it to a service professional. In case you assign it to a service pro, they will be notified and get access to the request as well. If you don’t have the right person in your Rentger list, add them manually by clicking “Create new provider.” This allows you to share an issue with your handyman with an easy click of a button.

Send messages
Instead of tiresome phone calls, texts and emails, Rentger allows to message with tenants and service pros right within the maintenance request, so they can connect and get the problem solved without having to bother you. If you are interested in the issue, you have easy access to read or chat with the tenant and service pro as well.

Rentger maintenance requests with photo allow you to manage any issues from anywhere. No more phone calls!

Free up time from unnecessary emails/phone calls by giving tenants the convenient option of submitting maintenance requests online and generate work and purchase orders directly from maintenance requests. Stay organized, managing all maintenance requests in one place. Track employee hours and stay on budget


Save time by managing all requests from your phone

Manage all communication and scheduling in one place

Keep track of all expenses and materials used

Allow tenants and landlords to check on the status of their issue

Real time 24/7. Real-time tracking of your tenants' payments through your control panel.

Quickly resolve inconvenient and potentially costly maintenance issues.


Manage invoices
Landlords can create invoices linked to the maintenance request number, and all the transactions related to the maintenance request will be shown on its preview page. The request can be shared with multiple tenants on the lease or unit. This allows landlords to keep track of all their expenses in connection to each maintenance request.

Only Rentger can handle every detail of the maintenance process from managing your vendors, dispatching work orders, tracking time/expense, invoicing tenants/owners and much more.

Our best-in-class, single family contact center ensures every call and email is answered by highly-trained, professional agents who become an extension of your staff.

Maintenance Work Orders
From service request to resolution, Rentger residential property maintenance software keeps you in touch and in control, whenever and wherever you need to be.

All-In-One Maintenance Management
The Rentger Service Request feature enables easy maintenance management for a project, from a single work order to multiple work orders with multiple vendors, all together in one Service Request. You have the flexibility to handle any size project.

Respond to and solve property maintenance issues faster.
Keep owners aware of your progress with copies of work orders via the Owner Portal. Service Requests are fully integrated with accounting and leasing functionality in Rentger. Track time spent on the job, easily create bills, and create an Rentger Service Request on the fly when you inspect a property through the Mobile Inspections feature in Rentger. Set the priority as urgent, normal or low to clearly define and organize your Service Requests projects.


Select this category if the issue relates to drains, faucets, pipes, pumps, sprinkler systems, sewers, septic systems and such.

Select this category if your issue relates to repairs, installation, refinishing and replacement of house appliances.

Select this category if your issue relates to repairs or/and installation of doors and windows, flooring, cleaning and pest control.

Select this category if your issue relates to landscaping, fencing, pool, porch and walkways installation or replacement.

Select this category if your issue relates to repairs, installation, and replacement of lighting, electrical systems, generator and telephone systems.

Exterior house
Select this category if your issue relates to painting, repairs and replacement of roof, doors, windows, siding and air conditioning.

And more

Using one integrated solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage requests from tenants and owners
  • Assign jobs to your maintenance people
  • Keep track of expenses and time spent on each job
  • Notify owners of job costs and progress
  • Keep track of vendors, including work orders and invoices
  • Get invoices, estimates and approvals where they need to go via Internet
  • Invoice tenants and owners as needed
  • Build in management fees where applicable
  • Track appliances and other assets, along with repairs and warranties
  • Use mobile devices to reduce inspection time in half
  • Monitor move-outs, move-ins and associated cleaning and maintenance


Repair Tracking
Alerts you with maintenance requests, providing ability to upload photo and video documentation. Provides a streamlined process to communicate effectively with service professionals and tenants.

Service Professionals
Manages your local professionals in one place, including contact information. Adds and assigned professionals to maintenance requests when needed (no sign in required).

Maintenance Coordination
Assigns maintenance to service professionals and directly updates tenants on the status. Coordinates with a US-based call center, where specialists know your thresholds and preferred professionals.


Close maintenance requests 2x faster

Track your team in 1 place

Keep renters happy with self-service options to submit requests.

Conduct inspections efficiently to cut down the time a unit sits vacant.

24/7 Resident Convenience


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