Sign rental contract online

Online electronic signature system of the contract to simplify your processes


Electronic signature. Optimize the signature experience. Send documents to sign whitout having to install any applications. Easy, simple and fast.

Certified electronic delivery. Logs the delivery of contracts and signature requests, emails, ...

Electronic identification. Validate the identity of your clients thanks yo our digital reading system.

Legal. Legal and certified validity in all communications, everything from your email without the need for a signature / electronic ID.

Paperless. Save on paper and transparently manage your lease online.

Notifications. Automatic notifications about the status of your properties, payments, returns, ... and notice to tenants who have been late in payment.

Online leases make signing a breeze

Rentger's customizable online lease agreements feature allows property managers to create a branded lease and have an applicant quickly and easily e-sign it on the spot on any mobile device.


Custom contract templates

Automatic backup. Automatic stored

Secure and Legal eSignatures

Audit Trail




Securely manage electronic leases
Our online leasing system is flexible and robust. With fully integrated electronic signatures and signing process

Sign your lease instantly
Found the home you like? Apply through our website, get qualified securely in seconds, and sign your lease — all from your phone

Digital Lease Agreements
Send your soon-to-be tenants an online Lease Agreement or store your own in Rentger. Keeping things neat and tidy for you is what we do. While you generate leases out of Rentger, the documents are automatically stored and ready to reference any time you need it.

Draft and store leases in the cloud
Still hammering out the specifics of the lease? No problem. Draft and store all of your leases in Rentger so you never lose track of those minor details. Automatically merge renter information. Information entered by your prospective renter for the online rental application is automatically merged into the online lease agreement, so the process can move quickly.

Save time with lease templates
Create and reuse online templates for all of your lease documents and addenda. Templates use auto-fill fields, so lease details like tenant names, rent amounts, and dates will populate automatically. You can also insert signature blocks and add your own custom fields. Customize leases for your needs. We understand you have unique requirements and certain situations require different lease variations. Create as many lease templates as necessary to go paperless, save time and money, and reduce turnover time.

Track the leasing process
Know exactly who has and has not signed with a quick glance at the Rentger leasing dashboard.

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